Serrated Slicer

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A slicer is a highly versatile piece of hardware it is usually longer and narrower than the average knife, this increases the flexibility of the knife. The length allows the user to produce cleaner, more precise cuts by cutting entirely through their product in a single fluid motion. The serrations on the edge allow the user to produce sharper, faster cuts, enhancing the overall kitchen experience. The slicer is also highly adaptable and can have either a plain or serrated edges, pointed or rounded tips.

Blades are manufactured using high quality 420 stainless steel that has added Molybdenum, which gives the steel excellent edge retention, high durability and exceptional rust resistance.

Each knife in the Samprene range features a moulded handle, which combines the strength and durability of Polypropylene with the softness and serenity of rubber. A combination of sublime strength and lasting comfort. 

Edge TypeSerrated Edge
Blade Lengths Available8", 10", 12"
Handle MaterialPolypropylene
Dishwasher SafeYes


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Serrated Slicer

Serrated Slicer

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