Cimetar Curved Butcher's Knife

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Cimeter Curved Butcher’s Knife

A cimeter knife is a long knife with a curved blade, also known as a butcher knife. This knife is ideal for carving large meats, such as roasts or turkey crowns. The long blade and the curvature allows for full blade use and precision cutting. 

The handle itself is made from polypropylene which allows for a safe, secure and comfortable grip. At Samuel Staniforth, our cimeter curved butcher knives are made using high carbon, 420 stainless steel, which exhibits excellent strength and durability. 

Whether you’re a home cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, our high-quality butcher knife will help you slice through large chunks of meat, as well as getting around bones and under skin. The blade is extremely sharp, durable and resistant to chipping so you won’t face any issues when it comes to cutting your meat. 

Cimeter Butcher Knife FAQs 

What Is The History Behind The Cimeter Knife? 

The cimeter knife was derived from the scimitar sword, a type of sword that was used among Turkic and Tungusic soldiers in Central Asia. Interestingly, the original scimitar was called a “shamshir,” meaning “lion’s tail”. Thanks to their relatively light weight, the sword became a popular tool to slash opponents whilst on horseback. 

How To Use a Cimeter Knife? 

Due to its thick, extremely sharp and sturdy blade, the cimeter knife can be used for a huge variety of tasks when dressing meat. Their most common uses are cutting down large chunks of meat into smaller, retail-sized cuts and removing large chunks of meat off bones. This butcher's knife can also be used to skin sinew off meat and slice either very thin slices or large slabs of meat. Because of its pronounced curve, only the edge of the blade touches the meat as you cut along, which means the point of the knife doesn’t puncture the meat at all. 

How To Choose a Cimeter Knife?

When it comes to buying a cimeter butcher’s knife, the most important factors to consider are quality, size, and the feel of the knife. Here are some of our top tips to bear in mind:

Feel - When you hold any kind of high-end kitchen knife in your hand, you want it to feel like a natural extension of your arm. It should feel comfortable and easy, providing you with confidence instead of trepidation. This is especially true of the curved cimeter butcher knife, where you need to be able to confidently guide it along your meat.

Materials - Cimeter butcher knives thrive on sharpness. They need to be able to hold an edge for a long amount of time and their steel needs to be sturdy. Otherwise, its length will be beside the point, as you run the risk of chipping, bending, or even breaking your cimeter knife. They need to have quite a sharp edge to quickly and easily cut through to large pieces of meat. Carbon steel knives are perfect because they are ultra-strong and capable of achieving razor-sharp edges. They also tend to stay sharper longer than stainless steel. 

Size - More often than not, you’ll find cimeter knives ranging in size from 6” to 14”, so it’s important to think about what you will be using the butcher knife for. The smaller cimeter knives are great for dressing smaller pieces of meat and getting around the bone with more precision. On the other hand, the larger butcher knives are ideal for cutting larger pieces of meat, such as venison. 

Balance - Whilst balance is an incredibly important factor for just about any kitchen knife, it is especially important for long knives such as cimeter butcher knives. It’s best to go for a knife that is full tang (where the blade runs through the handle) as these are typically heavier and better balanced. 

Handle - When you’re working with a knife on strenuous activities (such as breaking down large pieces of meat) you need to make sure it feels good to hold. Whilst this is very much down to personal preference, you want to make sure that the handle on your butcher knife is non-slip. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of one of our quality butcher’s knives today to see how easy it is to slice through those large meats. 

Edge TypePlain Edge
Blade Lengths Available10" (25cm)
Handle MaterialPolypropylene
Dishwasher SafeYes


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Cimetar Curved Butcher's Knife

Cimetar Curved Butcher's Knife

The curved cimetar butchers knife is the ideal knife for slicing those large meats, such as roasts or Turkey crowns. The long blade and the curvature of it allows full blade use and precision cutting. 

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