Caring for your Knife

A good knife is an investment. With proper care and attention it will last you a lifetime.

After use, we recommend that all forged Samuel Staniforth knives are NOT dishwasher safe. Knives in the Samprene range are dishwasher safe, however, we advise against washing them in the dishwasher.

This is because:

- The movement inside the dishwasher can cause damage to the knife.

- Detergents and liquids can be harmful and cause small indents and spotting on blades.

- Handles may discolour over time.

- Intense heat is not good for the temper of the blade.

Care tips:

- Clean your knives as soon as you have used them. Do not allow them to soak in water.

- Wash them in warm water using a damp cloth and a small amount of washing up liquid.

- Dry immediately after they have been cleaned. Carefully, from the back of the knife to the blade.

- Ideally store in a knife block, if not, store in a in-drawer tray.

- Do not abuse knives as screwdrivers or can openers, this is not the intended use and can bend or break the blade.

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