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Commissioned by Sheffield knife makers Samuel Staniforth, established 1864, to design two specialist survival/operational knives. This is the first time since Samuel Staniforth's manufactured the Fairbairn-Sykes daggers in World War 2 that they have mass produced tactical knives designed by a military master instructor of European Close Combat. The best of everything has gone into these knives. NZ designed, Brit made, French steel, US coatings, Brit grips, NZ sheaths. Made with the operator in mind including all specialist role requirements in one knife. Great for military roles, hunting, survival and general bushcraft and hiking.

Parry Knife Reviews

Click the link below to read a full review of the world famous Parry Blade. From Survival Cache, a world renowned website containing insights from a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge in survival.

Dexam Forest and Forge

Award Winner's

Dexam's fantastic Forest and Forge collection has only gone and scooped the Housewares Innovation award in Food Preparation.

A UK made collection, the Forest and Forge range is made from up-cycled, wind damaged wood and the finest Sheffield Steel.⠀                

For those cooks wanting a knife that can aid and improve their experience when cooking in the kitchen, head over to their website to purchase one of our exquisite knives for yourself.

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