Stamped Cooks Fork

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A cook’s fork is ideal for those foods that are difficult to handle or foods that are bulky. Its forged prongs are optimally placed and just the right sharpness, so it works with you and your knife. The prongs allow the user to easily reach into ovens or pots and quickly move or turn roasts, meat loaves, turkeys and other foods that are being cooked.

A cooks fork can not only be used in the kitchen but has alternative uses outside the kitchen and can find its way onto the serving table, where another popular use is to hold meat or other foods in place whilst they are being cut or carved. A fork makes life a lot easier when preparing and serving up food.

Blade Lengths Available6" (15cm)
Handle MaterialPolypropylene
Dishwasher SafeNo


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Stamped Cooks Fork

Stamped Cooks Fork

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