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8" Professional Bread Knife

£ 74.95

Many professional chefs list the bread knife up in the top three knives used in food preparation, behind only the chef’s knife and the paring knife. These knives are valued highly, (as the name suggests) for their role in bread slicing, however, many people presume that just because this knife is called a bread knife it is limited to only foods that are baked in some capacity. Wrong. Bread knives are amongst the most versatile knives in the knife block. Bread knives are highly proficient at slicing melons, cutting tomatoes and slicing cooked proteins as well as other baked goods with ease.

The serrated edge in tandem with the prefect balance ensures that cuts are highly precise with every use. This knife is an incredibly reliable piece of kitchen equipment and can be guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Edge TypeSerrated Edge
Blade Lengths Available9" (22.5cm)


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8" Professional Bread Knife

8" Professional Bread Knife

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