Catrahone Electric Knife Sharpener

£ 159.75

Home, Hobby, Domestic Chef and semi Professional use

Produces very sharp knives and maximum life between sharpening, proved by extensive objective cutting tests, making it one of the World’s best domestic electric knife sharpeners

  • Suitable for all sizes of plain edge and most serrated / scalloped knives including concaved edge knives such as pruning knives
  • Will even resharpen your craft utility knife blades such as Stanley, Lenox etc
  • Consistent sharpness on every knife, with every user
  • No skill required, if you can use a knife you can use a CATRAHONE
  • Creates a smooth honed cutting edge, not a torn jagged one, like some sharpeners
  • Does not scratch the blade sides, unlike many other domestic sharpeners
  • Restores worn out cutting edges in under 2 minutes
  • Diamond honing wheels allow maintenance sharpening in less than 20 seconds/knife
  • Easy to clean and maintain, built – in dust magnet reduces airborne contamination
  • No adjustment required – optimum geometry sharpening preset
  • Lightweight and portable, strong plastic body, non slip rubber feet on the base
  • Just plug in and sharpen, safe to use with no open moving parts
  • Designed and developed in Sheffield, England by CATRA the World’s leading knife technology organisation
  • Left handed version available, providing natural comfortable operation for left handers

Remember,  sharp knives in your kitchen give you these advantages, Less stress and strain on your hands, wrists and arms, Less waste of food, with more precise cuts, Safer to use, as the high cutting pressures needed by blunt knives can easily slip and cause injury, A knife resharpened is a knife recycled… And a pleasure to use!


Designed to the same exacting standards as our larger commercial machines, the CATRAHONE Diamond Power sharpener provides the home and very light duty commercial user with high quality sharpening to factory levels of sharpness.

Using  a simple yet effective principle the unit provides the user with three operating slots:

  • for restoration of very worn blades that need cutting edge reformation
  • for every day sharpening of most blades
  • for that final super smooth hone after using slots 1 and 2

By use of the special cool sharpening technology, the sharpener does not need water cooling and yet does not over heat the cutting edge, unlike other dry sharpeners, providing you with the maximum edge life for you blades, up to 100% more life than some other electric power sharpeners. Compared to a sharpening steel is is sharper, faster, simpler to use and much safer.

The optimum cutting geometry is permanently set at 34° and won’t change with use, thereby not requiring any adjustment. Regularly sharpened plain edge knives on this machine are so sharp that they can slice bread better than a serrated or scalloped bread knife, leaving virtually no crumbs, creating a really smooth slice with the minimum of effort.

Powered by a plug in power supply (universal voltage with internationally adaptable plug, we will supply the correct one based on your chosen shipping destination).) the sharpener runs on a safe 24V DC current which means there is no risk of electric shock from using the unit.


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Catrahone Electric Knife Sharpener

Catrahone Electric Knife Sharpener

The CATRAHONE is the ultimate domestic knife sharpener. It has been proven by our in-house testing to restore a blade edges to a factory standard level of sharpness.  A few passes on the course grinding wheel will re-establish the edge geometry, before a fine grind removes any remaining burrs.  A final pass through on the hard chrome wheels then hones the edge for the perfect finish.

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