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6" Bowie Knife

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The actual origins of the Bowie knife are somewhat shrouded in legend and myth in that the telling of tall tales was almost compulsory among the men of Jim Bowie's time and place, and the truth would never have been allowed to get in the way of a good story... So a fully accurate history of the knife becomes somewhat problematic.

Although the knife was made famous by American James Bowie, George Wostenholm of Sheffield, England claimed to have been ‘acting on the instructions of legendary American frontiersman Colonel James Bowie’ in the development of the very first Bowie knife. Certainly a knife bearing the Wostenholm trademark is said to have been found on James Bowie’s body when he was killed defending the Alamo in 1836.

Whatever the history though, high quality Bowie knifes have continued to be made in Sheffield to this day. The Bowie can be recognized by an upswept clip at the tip of the blade which is often accentuated.

The Bowie is an extremely useful general purpose tool. The blade is thick and heavy and can be used for cutting, paring, chopping and slashing, prying and levering. Although handy in a fight, the Bowie makes an excellent all round tool and achieves its versatility due to its sheer weight and size. It can be used as an axe, a machete, a mallet, a canoe paddle, a pry bar, a mirror, and a razor.

With a 6” (15cm) blade and a choice of either a beautifully crafted stag handle secured by brass pins or a rosewood handle, again secured with brass pins.

The blade has a brass guard. The blades of our Bowie knives are mirror polished and come with a high quality leather sheath as standard.


Overall length: 1412" (37cm) and 1012" (27cm)

Weight: 2812 ounces (810g) or 912 ounces (270g)

Blade length: 10" (25cm) or 6" (15cm)

Blade thickness: 38" (10mm) or 316" (5mm)

Blade material: 1075 Carbon Steel (CS80)

Blade hardness: HRC 52

Blade finish: Polished

Handle: Stag, Rosewood or Buffalo

Sheath: Leather

Lanyard: No

Blade Lengths Available6" (15cm)
Handle MaterialStag or Rosewood


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6" Bowie Knife

6" Bowie Knife

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