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6' Flexible Filleter

£ 54.86

Whether you’re a professional or amateur chef, filleting can be an extremely time consuming task if the chef doesn't have access to appropriate equipment. From meat and fish to vegetables, a Samuel Staniforth filleting knife makes quick work of whatever you’re preparing. Due to its flexibility, a fillet knife practically shapes itself to whatever you’re cutting. The long blade of this knife makes it a perfect choice for filleting or removing skin from larger fish as well as butchering cuts of meat.

Knife blade is fully forged from a single billet of the finest stainless steel then hand finished to achieve the sharpest cutting edge. Knives are manufactured to meet the demands of the professional chef, in which handling, balance and durability are paramount. Knife features a beautifully hand-crafted Ocean Blue handle.


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6' Flexible Filleter

6' Flexible Filleter

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