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Lofty Knives

The Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool



The best way to describe the tool is in Lofty's own words


"The reason this tool was developed was because there was nothing on the market that the serious survivor could buy. There are plenty of so-called ‘survival knives’ available, but these have limitations. They are designed mainly from fighting knives and have hollow handles to accommodate a survival kit and other bolt-on goodies, so consequently fall short of requirements.


What you need in the wilderness is a tool you can rely on that does a variety of jobs and is safe to use. With those criteria in mind the tool was designed. In all my time in the military I required a tool that would cut efficiently, from saplings to mature trees. I needed to prepare game and feather wood for kindling. I required a tool to dig holes and construct traps, shelters and rafts. It must hold its edge and be easily sharpened.


These were the parameters I laid down, and with the expertise of Ivan Williams, a designer of renown, the tool was created. It was field tested by myself and surpassed all my expectations.


The handle is contoured to fit the hand so comfortably it can be used for extensive periods without discomfort. The blade is curved to give maximum cutting ability with minimum effort. It is ground to a razor edge that is easily maintained and has a double-edged point which gives it good digging capability, and is excellent for skinning and scraping hides.


The back is broad and gives it perfect balance. The sheath protects the tool and keeps it secure. When the knife is drawn the hands are well away from the edge and clear of danger.

 The tool is thoroughly recommended to all adventurers for use in any area of the world. Don’t leave home without one! "

J. Wiseman


Survival Knives

Large Lofty Survival Tool (LOFTYLRG)

Picture of a Large Lofty Survival Tool

Original Standard version

Sizes: 11"

From £175.99
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Small Lofty Survival Tool (LOFTYSML)

Picture of a Small Lofty Survival Tool

New Small version

Sizes: 8"

From £154.00
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Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool Black Blade (TACT-LW-11/3)

Picture of a Lofty Wiseman Survival Tool Black Blade

Large Version Black Blade - With Cordura Sheath (not Leather as photo)

Sizes: 11"

From £179.99
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Lofty Black (12345)

Picture of a Lofty Black

Short description

Sizes: 1"

From £1.00
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